Adena Cohen-Bearak

Adena Cohen-Bearak

I am a freelance writer with a public health background, writing on topics such as spirituality and religion, parenting, and health and illness.

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The Confidence You Need: The Beginning Family Gardening Class | Needham Community Farm

A get-away. A community. A great place for people to come together. A different side of Needham. These are just some of the words that Susan Kirk enthusiastically uses to describe her participation in last summer’s Beginning Family Gardening Class at Needham Community Farm. I spoke with Kirk recently to find out more about her experience.

The Raspberry Cycle | Needham Community Farm

It’s been at least 10 years now, and the raspberry plants have happily taken over half of my garden. This year, I had a staggering abundance of raspberries, enough to freeze several quart bags full, to make my first-ever raspberry jam, and to eat plenty (with some for the birds and chipmunks as well).

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dorothea von Herder | Needham Community Farm

“I felt this inner voice – I don’t like the way the earth is being treated,” said Needham resident Dorothea von Herder, expressing her deep concern for and love of the environment.