Adena Cohen-Bearak

Adena Cohen-Bearak

I am a freelance writer with a public health background, writing on topics such as spirituality and religion, parenting, and health and illness.

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When Celebrities Get Cancer | MotherThoughts

In case you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Good Morning America new anchor Robin Roberts was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer 5 years ago. While the good news is that she was treated and recovered from her cancer, the bad news is that she recently had a recurrence of cancer, called myelodysplastic syndrome, most likely a result of some of the breast cancer treatment.


Knowing Anne Frank | MotherThoughts

When you first walk in the house, the stairs are very, very steep. The house is surprisingly small, dark, and almost completely empty. You aren’t sure what you were expecting. But it’s so bare. There ...